Boys! How Do You Like Your Date? Do You Want to Marry Her?

Boys! How Do You Like Your Date? Do You Want to Marry Her?


What do you think about your date? Is she beautiful? How often do you think about her? Does she come into your dreams? Do you love her? Or is it just fun?

Answer these questions yourself. Your answer should satisfy your mind, body and spirit. Be honest to yourself. Analyze your answer. Is she just some one who satisfies your biological needs and urges? Is she a good companion? Do you share confidences with her? Does she come to your mind very often?

Is she pretty? Is she sweet? If marriage is not far from your thoughts, will you consider marrying her? Being your girl friend is one thing, but marrying her ……….!

This is where you draw the line. Do you think she can be your wife? Does she fit in there as your wife?

Take your time and think about it. It should be a cool headed thinking. When you do have children, will she be a good mother? How does it fit into your society?

May be she is perfect. And you do not care about anything else. You do not want to loose her. She is one in a million.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Ask her. Do not waste any more of your time. Get married as soon as possible.

You did not ask her to marry you on an impulse; did you? Now that you decided to marry her, you start thinking about living together. You may have to adjust your daily routine to accommodate her. See to her comforts too. She is your wife, a companion, a good friend all rolled into one. Have a good time!


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