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    Verses from Sura 16 – The Bee (Al-Nahl) النحل

    You Shall Keep Your Word

    91. You shall fulfill your covenant with GOD when you make such a covenant. You shall not violate the oaths after swearing (by God) to carry them out, for you have made GOD a guarantor for you. GOD knows everything you do.

    92. Do not be like the knitter who unravels her strong knitting into piles of flimsy yarn. This is your example if you abuse the oaths to take advantage of one another. Whether one group is larger than the other, GOD thus puts you to the test. He will surely show you on the Day of Resurrection everything you had disputed.

    93. Had GOD willed, He could have made you one congregation. But He sends astray whoever chooses to go astray, and He guides whoever wishes to be guided.* You will surely be asked about everything you have done.

    *16:93 God knows the sincere believers among us who deserve to be redeemed. Accordingly, He guides them, while blocking out those who choose to disbelieve.