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    *Different Kinds Of Wive*
    A dictionary wife is a wife that does not welcome other people’s opinion. She is always right in her own eyes.

    She has no submission. There is contest for leadership. She is very difficult and full of troubles and arguments.

    She is very arrogant, stubborn and disobedient. She is richer and powerful in one area or the other than the husband and she combine these powers to cause trouble at home.

    *4. Party Wife*
    She is highly social. She hardly stay at home because of parties and pleasure.

    *5. Pampered Wife*
    She is not use to anything hard and she is expected to be treated like a leprosy patient. She is very fragile and sophisticated.

    *6. Dustbin Wife*
    She is extremely dirty and disorganized. The sitting room is like a toilet and the kitchen become an empire of rats. Clothes are unwashed and so many things are left to be very dirty.

    *7. ADC Wife*
    She has zero tolerance for other women close to her husband. She is hostile to any woman close to her husband and sometimes police the husband like detective.

    *8. Acidic Wife*
    She is always ready to fight being moody and keeping malice for days. She has an acidic mouth that when she talks, it can be very terrible.

    *9. Office Wife*
    She just pursued her job and her career. Every other thing is secondary and all functions in the house are handled to housemaid. The children are not use to her, She is a career wife. *(But Thank God for Shutdown, for such kind of wife they will have no choice than to stay with their children )*

    *10. Grandmother’s Wife*
    She is completely ancient in though, outlook and behaviour. If you tell her to wear night dresses, she will refused and demanded to wear her wrapper because of spirit husband. She wears very careless and disgusting dresses. She can refuse a kiss that it will cause asthma and also sex in the afternoon, that it will make her to give birth to albino.

    *11. Pepper Wife*
    She is very hot and aggressive. She does not like to relate with people and always finding faults with people. She is a thorn in her husband’s flesh. Her husband’s heart beat for fear anytime he wants to talk with her. She is too aggressive and difficult to live with. She is violence in nature.

    *12. Spinster Wife*
    She likes doing everything on her own and her dressing does not show that she is married. She is not serious with her marriage and chooses many single ladies as friends. She enjoys laughing out a lot without her husband. She is married yet like to live a lonely and a single lady’s life.

    *13. Occasional Wife*
    She loves maids and nannies so much and lack good qualities of a good wife. She goes out a lot and comes back whenever she feel like. She has no time for her children and toy with her husband’s emotion.

    *14. Kingdom Wife (Godly Wife)*
    She is a blessing to her husband. She gives her husband rest on every side, she is a builder and not a destroyer. She is very friendly and accommodative, her husband is proud of her. She is a virtuous woman *Prov. 31:10-31*


    *1. The Hard Husband*
    This is the husband so arrogant, stubborn, unyielding, unbending. He cannot be counsel or corrected. He has no fear or honour for anybody including His wife family and He and he is very difficult to live with

    *2. The Fake Husband*
    They perform very well on bed and dinning table but they are irresponsible husband. They are lazy and could not provide for their family.

    *3. Bachelor Husband*
    He is a man that separate his room from his wife, He is a single married man. He is selfish and self centred.

    *4. Acidic Husband*
    He is an hot tempered person, a boxer and a wrestler. He does not take nonsense, he does not laugh, play, joke. His house is like *MILITARY CAMP* and he is a lion in the house.

    *5. Slave Master Husband*
    He believes that a woman should be seen and not heard. He turn the woman to a cook, dry cleaner, a sex machine, Baby making Factory and an house maid. He celebrate his family more than his wife and the woman will see hell if she does not give birth to a boy

    *6. General Husband*
    He has chains of girl friends, concubines, and strange women. He spend lavishly on them. He runs after anything in skirt including the house maid and his wife younger sister.

    *7. The Dry Husband*
    He has no closeness with his wife, *No Love, No Kissing and No ROMANCE*. The wife must knock before entering the bedroom. He is very difficult to talk to and He has no respect for his wife even in the presence of visitors.

    *8. Panadol Husband*
    He is a man exploiting his wife to solve his own problem. He does not have a true love but only looking for something to quench his headache. He is interested in using the woman to get what he wanted..

    *9. Parasite Husband*
    He does not work, He is very lazy and irresponsible. He cannot assist his wife to make life easy for the woman. He is a big headache to the woman. He is a *Frustrator* and make the wife to cry daily

    *10. Baby Husband*
    He is a man yet an infant both *Spiritually, Mentally, and Character wise.* A baby husband is the one that *BEATS* his wife, He reject food because he is angry. He is a nagging husband who cannot listen to corrections or being influence by his wife. He keep *MALICE* with his wife and refuse to pray together with his wife at home. He threatens to push out his wife at smallest provocation. He compare his wife with former girl friends and other women. He does not know what is called romance all he wanted is sex. He does not do anything to improve his marriage. He report his wife to third party and call his wife horrible names. He love his mother more than his wife and even decide to go market himself for lack of trust that his wife will cheat him, he also demand for every change even though is *#10*

    *11. Visiting Husband*
    Not always at home comes as a visitor. Provides family all material things, but has no time for them.

    *12. Godly Husband*
    He is a responsible man
    He is a man that fears the Lord. He is a father, mentor, teacher and a friend to his wife and children. He is also a lovely husband.