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    Pls read n fwd it…*

    A man was crying and someone asked him why he was crying. And he said I have only one son, I have done all my possible best to educate him so that he will be a great person and by Allah’s grace he has been able *to acquire all certificates* including:

    🌺 G.C.E
    🌺 W.A.E.C
    🌺 Bachelor’s
    🌺 MSc
    🌺 Phd 

    Unfortunately *he fell sick* and doctors said they can’t do anything about it and the only option is to die *in the next 30 minutes* and my son told me to bring all his certificates and I brought them. All he could say was;
    *father, these are my degrees but you never told me to study Quran.
    I don’t know what I’m going to tell Allah

    Not all of us will share this message because it is not an interesting joke. But if you are courageous enough to share this message please do so and Almighty Allah will never forget what you have done for Him. 


    🌹Study the Holy Quran like the way you study your notes when it is exams time
    🌹Fear Allah like the way you fear death or people in higher authority
    🌹Remember Allah like you remember your name
    🌹Pray like it is the only thing to do to go to heaven 
    🌹Fast on regular basis
    🌹Have time for Allah
    🌹Be the doer of the Word

    *70% will not forward this message but I hope you will..*

    Send this to all Muslim on your contact .

    d u know that
    ➰ *_When u carry_* *”the holy Quran”* Satan has a *head ache.*
    ➰ _When u open it_, he *collapses;*
    ➰When he sees u reading it; he loses his *strength, AND* ➰When u stand on the *_Word of_* *Allah*, Satan can’t hurt u! Do u also know dat;
    ➰When u r about to forward this to others, the 😈 😈 (Satanl) will *discourage u*?